Cagiva Alazzurra 650 SS 1986

I have a 650 SS. I bought it new at a dealer bankruptcy auction in 1990. There were 5 crated Allys like mine. I paid $2750.00 for mine. From memory there were over 60 bikes in the auction The 5 crated Allys 2 uncrated missing a part or 2, Similar number of Elefants, a few incomplete Pasos and a bunch of dirt bikes It worked out price wise because there are no dealer add on charges, delivery, assembly and documentation etc. I rode it around San Francisco for 11,000 miles and then left it in the corner of the garage needing a clutch, brakes, tires etc. until a couple of years ago. I’ve since put it back on the road and and put a little over 1000 mile on it.. It’s pretty original, lower fairing removed and stored. I put newer master cylinders on it. A few scrapes from it’s days providing urban transportation. The bike came with assembly instructions and a repair manual for the rear shocks. My bike’s frame sticker says in was built in Bologna in June of 86. It pulls a good crowd of curious younger Ducati guys when I take a ride to Alice’s. There can’t be too many on the road now. I feel good about keeping it alive. ZCG1CA2K1FB000719

My bike to most likely part of the last 50 units to come here. Why they thought importing another 50 when the last 400 hadn’t sold was a good idea we will never know. When I first saw an Ally in TT Motors, Berkeley, Ca. 1985 or 86 I thought that it was a good little bike that would be available for cheap at some stage because nobody could say their name. Five years later my bike showed up still crated in San Jose. I nearly bought another one that day. It was an uncrated bike with the starter wire hanging loose. I bid $1500.00 and nobody came up to the next bid of $1750.00 until the last second. Next bid was $2000.00 so I passed and it went for $1750.00 …. … new bike. I didn’t know the auction was going to be a fast paced $250.00 bid increase affair, it was a little frightening. They sold the crated Allys first. Mine was the second bike of the day. I stood in line to pay with a dealer from Santa Cruz who bought several of the Allys amongst some other stuff. He said he had planned to go to $3000.00 but let me have one at $2750.00 otherwise I would push up the bid on any Ally there. He ended up with 2 or 3 of the crated Allys for $2500.00 so that tactic worked. It was quite a sad site now that I think about it. New Pasos that had been raided for parts. Cagiva Dirt Bikes that had been left in the 40 C. San Jose sun for 2 years. Toasted. My engine number 612720.00