Cagiva Alazzurra 650 1987?

This bike is a bit strange. It was sold in 1987 or 1988 in Israel. It has a very low frame number which means that it is probably manufactured in 1985. A strange thing is that the wheels are the newer type of Oscam wheels that were introduced i 1986. The text that follows is from the owner

The Alazzurra was sold in Israel during 1987-1988 and was rather popular here alongside the Moto Guzzi v65 Lario and Suzuki GSX550. My guess is, that about 50 to 70 Alazzurra's were sold here, both 350 and 650. During that decade other Japanese maker didn't sell in Israel because of the threat of arab boycott if they will sell in Israel. In Israel you can change the motor once it died but you can not replace the frame. Once the vehicle enter the country and it is registered, that's it. You also are not allowed to change wheel size, this is also is registered in the vehicle license and they check every year when the bike has it's annual year mechanical check. I'm aware that the frame number is low and it puzzled me. But, all is original. I own the bike for 20 years now and the only change major change I did was painting the wheels black, because I hated the original gray color.