Roy Loney Discography

There are not much information about the music of Rock’n Roller, singer and songwriter Roy A. Loney on Internet. There are a couple of good interviews, but not much about his music after he left the Flamin’ Groovies. Therefore I have created this Roy Loney discography with my own little review of each record. You're welcome to help me correcting errors and make the discography as complete as possible. Thanks to Per Magnusson for providing material I didn't have and also thanks to Marty Arbunich (former co-owner of Solid Smoke Records).

I have divided the discography in two groups you can find in the menu above. First is the Flamin' Groovies dicography with Roy Loney. I have omitted the Groovies discography after Roy Loney left the band in 1971. Not because I don't like it, cause i do. It's just because there is too much work! Then there is the post Groovies Roy Loney Discography, solo, with Phantom Movers, Longshots, Señor No etc. Hope you'll enjoy it. I beleive Roy Loney deserves a lot more attention than he has got.

/Micke Werkelin, Sweden